Instagram Meet 13

World Wide Instameet 13

Few days ago I took a part in the 13th World Wide Insta Meet dedicated to The Earth Day. We, a creative group of Dubai Instagramers, were invited to The Sustainable City to celebrate this day, see the project and take some photographs. 

In this post I'm gonna tell you a little about this wonderful city and show you lot's of photographs. 


These are the Biodome greenhouses that will have organic farm inside and the residents will enjoy the fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables all year round. 

The City will generate most of its own electricity through city-wide and rooftop solar panels. 


Cute electric cars. 

Video by FJ aka WebbyTechy - Instagram link

Cameras that I used: Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm f/1.2L USM , Lensbaby Composer Pro, Samsung Galaxy S6.